Re: Query: Users of ForeHelp?

Subject: Re: Query: Users of ForeHelp?
From: Ron Miller <RSMH -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995 09:33:02 -0400

Ed writes:
On the down side, the program isn't bug free: changing jump colors is an
adventure (be sure to view the results on _several_ machines); and I had to
edit the HPJ file a wee bit before compiling. And there are omissions.
There is, for example, no way to save your work on a project other than
closing and then reopening it!!! (This is supposed to be remedied in release
2.0, which I've received but not yet loaded.) Also,you create the jumps and
browse sequences yourself, rather than having
them generated by the program from your text file. For the small projectI
worked on that was fine, but it could get "interesting" on a huge

As a ForeHelp user, I feel compelled to defend it against these comments
(although, I don't doubt Ed experienced these problems).

I have never had a problem changing jump colors, nor have I ever had to
tweek the HPJ file to make it work. The problem of colors and video is likely
more related to the video for each machine than anything that FH can control.
I complained about the look of Bitmapped images in one of my help files, but
when I spoke to FH Tech Support, they indicated it was probably because I had
a Large Fonts video driver (they were right). When I changed my video driver
the bitmaps looked just fine. As authors, we have no control over the quality
or choice of video drivers of our users. This is limitation, as I understand
it, of WinHelp--not FH.

You can *backup* as often as you like, although you can't save per se.
ForeHelp has an excellent recovery system when it does crash. If for some
reason you can't recover (which has happened to me only occassionally), and
you have backed it up, you merely open the back up.

You can make multiple jumps easily by highlighting a list of words and
selecting multiple jumps. ForeHelp then automatically creates the jumps for
each word.

I'm not sure I understand how one would expect a program to create a browse
sequence automatically, since the author must choose the topics to include.
The same goes for jumps; as the author you have to create the jump. If you
mean that you want to create a jump for each occurance of the word
automatically, you *can* do this with ForeHelp's Search and Replace feature.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to write.


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