Re: Employees Who Work at Home

Subject: Re: Employees Who Work at Home
From: Peter Holfelder <holfep -at- RPI -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 1995 14:30:53 -0400

Lori Moore of Micron in Boise, ID asks:

>Anyway,... if you ARE someone, or you KNOW someone who actually
>transistioned from employee-in-the-office to employee-at-home,
>please contact me at the address below.

Smart Valley Inc., a non-profit organization, distributes the _Smart Valley
Telecommuting Guide_ and the results of a telecommuting pilot project via
its Web site. The _Guide_ was written primarily to explain the benefits of
telecommuting to executives; you may find some points for a proposal in it.
It also has sections that examine telecommuting from the employee's point of
view, including the motivation and child-care issues that Jennie Achtemichuk
mentioned in her post.

I don't know too much about the Smart Valley organization other than what
they say about themselves in the _Guide_. Here is their description of
themselves, found on their Web site at

"Smart Valley Inc. serves as a facilitative organization working
to bring together corporations, local governments, community groups
and individuals to realize the benefits of information technology
on all sectors of the community- education, healthcare, local
government, business and the home."

Smart Valley's WWW home page is found at:

The Smart Valley Telecommuting Guide page is found at:

The Smart Valley Telecommuting Guide is published in HTML, ASCII text,
and Adobe Acrobat's PDF format. You can find out more about Acrobat
from Adobe's Web site at , or you can download
it from their ftp site, at .

Peter J. Holfelder
holfep -at- rpi -dot- edu

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