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> Hi Everyone,

> I've been lurking for a while because I'm busy getting
> ready to graduate and join you in the ranks of professional
> technical writing!

> I was reading the misc.writing newsgroup a few weeks ago
> and read a posting by someone saying that it's rare for
> a tech writer to stay at a job for more than 2 or 3 years.
> His reasons for the short stays were that companies usually
> let TW's go after a short time, not because the TW quits
> or takes a different job.

> Is this true??? I realize that it's possible for anyone
> to get let go from a job, but this guy made it sound like
> this is the norm, and that there's no TW's out there who
> can keep a job for more than a couple of years.

> Just curious, and hoping for a longer lasting job.

> Shelly La Rock
> smlarock -at- mtu -dot- edu


I've been tech writing over 20 years, but I am stubborn.

Regarding the 2-3 year number you cite, I ran across a labor department
study a few years back that reported the two careers that have the
shortest longevity as secretary and tech writer (about 2-3 years each).
The longest time in an occupation was for barbers with an average of
around 17 years. Check out the Labor Department.

Tech writing is TOUGH, do not let anyone fool you. The money is good
because it is hard to get people who can stick it out. At least once every
month I mentally pack up and head out the door, for -- lets see, 20 X 12 =
240 times, at least. Try it and see. No matter what happens, you will
almost assuredly come away with a better knowledge of how to express
yourself in writing, which is invaluable in any occupation.

Buena Suerte.


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