Re: Egos and closed mindsets - Yours?

Subject: Re: Egos and closed mindsets - Yours?
From: Vince Putman <PUTMV -at- MAIL -dot- SYNTRON -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 4 May 1995 13:06:51 CST


You wrote on Wed, 3 May 1995 17:10:18 EDT:

>What do you think, Tech Writers only read grammar books and have no
>interest in technology? Where's that coming from? Being a Technical
>Writer has given me exposure to all kinds of technologies, which was the
>whole point in my becoming a Technical Writer to begin with. To assume
>that Technical Writers have no technical ability or insight is just as
>ridiculous as assuming that Engineers can't be good writers. This thread
>isn't about writers and engineers. It's about egos and closed mindsets.

Something is missing here Barry. How can you deny the existence of people
who say they are TechWriters and produce manuals that reflect their lack of
subject knowledge? How can this be, given all the experience you have?
Your "mindset" must be in regards to some other profession. Yes, we have
egos, and to feed them we require good pay and respect, NOT the bad
reputation of the UnTechnical writer and low pay we are generally given!!!

Remember, NO ONE has said that ALL TechWriters are idiots, just some of
them who use the title without the abilities. We love this profession and
put up with too damn much. . .

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