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Subject: Re: In and under
From: Jim Grey <jimgrey -at- IQUEST -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 09:03:00 EST

Douglas Thayer presents his conflict:
> In the sentence, "XXX runs in the Windows environment and under UNIX,"
> is there any difference in usage between "in" and "under"? Could these
> be swapped without affecting the meaning of the sentence?

It rubs me wrong to say, "XXX runs under the Windows environment." That
hints that XXX runs, behind the scenes, hidden, beneath Windows, probably as
a DOS routine. But remove "the environment" (and we'd all be gasping for
air! No) -- and suddenly "XXX runs under Windows" sounds good. I'm a man
of such inconsistency.

On the other side, it grates me a little to say, "XXX runs in UNIX." I like
the sound of "XXX runs under UNIX;" I've even written that. Strictly
speaking, however, the only thing under UNIX is the kernel -- it's more
technically correct to say, "XXX runs *on* UNIX." I don't see this usage
very often, though.

This says to me that the notion of "running under" an OS is an old,
technically incorrect, term that has become accepted anyway.

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