Re: PET PEEVE #3148

Subject: Re: PET PEEVE #3148
From: Donna Menk <Donna_Menk -at- PC -dot- RADIAN -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 1995 19:01:12 CDT

Oh, yeah! You nailed this one. I once submitted a list of job
requirements that was published in an ad as not much more than "XYZ
DTP experience required." I was livid--the DTP experience was
*nothing* compared to the exact technical background required by the
combination of the job, the insane schedule, and the idiosyncracies of
the project team. (I don't work there any more, BTW.) When I talked to
the HR person in charge of the ad, I was told that They Knew What Was
Best. Ptooey!

I, of course, being the diplomatic person that I am, told them that
I could teach a monkey to do DTP, but we needed a WRITER for this
out-of-control project. Guess how much good *that* did?

Well, they didn't get many responses to that ad. Not surprisingly.
*I* wouldn't have responded to the ad. And the management's attitude
was that we had to hire one of the respondees, because we'd spent so
much money and time on the ad. siggghhhhh...

Bottom line: That company had no idea what they had in terms of
talent, from their writers, their software engineers, or any of their
support staff. When their business started dropping off, they started
cutting staff. Indiscriminately. They had no clue. I am *so* glad that
I'm not working there any more. Oh, yeah, they're still around. Kinda.
Their customer base is almost gone, they're trying desperately to get
someone to buy them out, and they have almost no staff left.

As my grandmother used to say (bless her soul), what goes around
comes around.

I see ads like that now, and I don't give them the benefit of the
doubt. I run the other way, fast.


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