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Subject: Re: HTML Editors
From: Stuart Reynolds <stuartr -at- FIRSTGRAPHICS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 1995 11:46:05 -0700

>That is about to change overnight. Windows 95 will have the Spyglass Enhanced
>Mosaic browser. Also, I believe Prodigy, AOL and CompuServe are all using
>customized versions of Mosaic. Granted, all the Windows users in the world are
>not immediately going to jump on the Web. But even if a modest percentage do,
>it could reverse the numbers.

I dunno about what effect WIN '95 will have during it's first year (MS'
track record with new releases is long but lousy; full of bugz) but having
used Netscape 1.0 and 1.1, with all the enhanced goodies of "Club Netscape"
has to offer and now using the final Beta of Mosaic, I'll take NCSA Mosaic
any day. Thier caching is faster, there "file reading" is faster and I like
the GUI somewhat more aswell. THhere is, at least on my machine, a 15 - 20
percent speed increase, when loading the same url's. Big difference when
there is a 100+k gif or JJPG being loaded. Although, with the "club
netscape" enhancements, you do get to see the coloured background on my own
web site. Apparently though, this is going to be a part of the *new* HTML
guidlines, and so suture editions of web browsers should incorporate it.


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