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Subject: Re: HTML Editors
From: Stuart Reynolds <stuartr -at- FIRSTGRAPHICS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 1995 11:46:08 -0700

>thin in my esteem. But what I am really missing is a breakdown of every
> available
>HTML command with maybe a blurp as to what it does. Any idea where I could find
> such
>a beast?
There are a few books on the subject. I just ordered one, but Ias I don't
have it yet, I can't somment.

>I have DL'd FAQ's, tutorials, primers, etc... They've all been deleted too. I
> just
>want the commands...
What I did, was to DL a few "nifty" pages and take a look at the layout,
then screw around and create my own. see what worked and what didn;t.
Asked my cohort Matt what he had found out about stuff, from the same sort
of "research". Then I grabbed a few of the IETF "papers" and took a look at
what they were leading to. Pretty much, from the IETF papers, learned the
"basic" HTML tags and then looked around at other stuff for other
tags/labels etc, and then jumped right in, openeing them up as a loccal file
to find out what would work aand what wouldn't. Not exactly rocket science,
but it worked. If you are interested the URL for the IETF papers and
documents is.... the envelope please...

Although web browsers default search without an actual html file name is for
INDEX.HTML Note that INDEX.HTM won't work.


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