Re: HTML Editors

Subject: Re: HTML Editors
From: Rob Sullivan <robsulln -at- VMS2 -dot- MACC -dot- WISC -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 1995 23:36:28 -0500

>used Netscape 1.0 and 1.1, with all the enhanced goodies of "Club Netscape"
>has to offer and now using the final Beta of Mosaic, I'll take NCSA Mosaic
>any day. Thier caching is faster, there "file reading" is faster and I like
>the GUI somewhat more aswell. THhere is, at least on my machine, a 15 - 20
>percent speed increase, when loading the same url's. . . .


Interesting that Mosaic might be staging a comeback, as I began with M. a
year ago but then found Netscape 1.1 to be a vast improvement.

Something that has not been mentioned in this thread, though, is ease of
editing hotlists/bookmark lists. Netscape 1.1, unless I'm missing some key
feature, is a royal pain when it comes to copying, moving, duplicating,
transferring Web bookmarks. It's one of its most salient drawbacks, IMHO.

Are there remedies for this (relatively minor) annoyance? Does the new
Mosaic offer more flexibility here?

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