Thanks! Software recommendations received

Subject: Thanks! Software recommendations received
From: Michele Berkes <Michele_Berkes -at- CCMAIL -dot- OSTI -dot- GOV>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 12:02:00 -0400


I am the one who requested help with HTML and graphics
conversion packages last Friday. (Looking back on the digests,
it seems I was not the only one looking for software help!) I
have received 10 responses with recommendations of specific
packages or resources for my search. Some seemed to have gotten
hung up in the ether and did not arrive before my deadline, but
ALL are appreciated.

Thanks to Bill Blinn, Donna Menk, SSipahigil -at- eworld -dot- com, Mike
Uhl, Scott Browne, Grant Lowe, wayne -at- ses -dot- com, Sue Gallagher,
Bernard Kelly, and Norm Smith.

A brief summary follows. When it was given, I've included a
brief quotation about the product and ordering information.

Graphics packages
*Paint Shop Professional (4 votes)*
Shareware program (approximately $70 plus shipping)
Captures screens, converts graphics, allows editing (copying,
cloning, scaling, etc.) Version 3.0 supports 26 raster image
formats (including gif and wpg) and 9 meta and vector image

JASC, Inc.
10901 Red Circle Drive, Ste 340
Minnetonka, MN 55343
phone: 612-930-9171
orders: 800-622-2793

*CorelDRAW (3 votes)*
Create and convert among many formats. Also has screen capture

*HiJaak Pro* (2 votes)
Screen captures, graphics format conversions

*Adobe Photoshop* (2 votes)
*Adobe Illustrator* (1 vote)
Graphics creation and conversion, high $$$

*Smooth Scaling* (1 vote)
by Westex (the Doc-to-Help people). Will resize screen captures
*down* with little loss of resolution and you can still see the
words --$50. This is only for onscreen display, not printing,
but if you've ever been frustrated by a too-big screen shot that
you can't shrink and still read it's worth it's weight in gold.

Document conversion packages
*HTML converter for WordPerfect 6.1* (1 vote)
*SGML add-on for WordPerfect 6.1* (3 votes)
Actually, I forgot to mention that we have a beta copy of the
SGML add-on in-house. It is being evaluated by one of the
programmers we work with (who did the OmniMark programs).

*Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 with Internet Assistant* (1
Internet Assistant available free from

*Word for Word* (1 vote)
Be warned that whenever you do conversions, graphics usually
take a big hit. To that end, reference your graphics; don't
copy them into the document. This enables you to not only keep
your graphics separate and more maintainable, but also saves on
disk space. You only have to be careful to track the directory
path to your graphic files.

*SGML Application Server* (1 vote)
Available from Infrastructures for Information Inc.,

Also recommended was use of some sort of version control
software. We run our server as a fully SGML compliant system and
have a document management tag set built into our tagged files.
We might want to revisit whether this system is giving us what
we need, though. Sue Gallagher (sgallagher -at- starbasecorp -dot- com)
recommended some StarBase products. If this sounds like a need
you have, please contact Sue directly. Thanks, Sue, for bringing
up an issue that is bigger than the immediate crisis -- this is
exactly what I was hoping for!

On the basis of my limited reseach and the messages I received
before the deadline on Friday, we decided to ask for
* the SGML add-on to WordPerfect 6.1
* CorelDRAW (1 copy of version 4 was found in-house, so we've
got a start on that)
* Paint Shop Pro
* HiJaak Pro

We may look into some of the others as well (particularly the
free ones ;-) ) and see what else presents itself.

Thanks again,
Michele Berkes
NCI Information Systems, Inc.
Michele -dot- Berkes -at- ccmail -dot- osti -dot- gov

P.S. If you're interested, the Department of Energy Home Page is
at . There are many different contributors
down the various branches of the tree structure, so I can't take
credit/blame for all of it ;-) .

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