Windows 95 (now I'm asking for it)

Subject: Windows 95 (now I'm asking for it)
From: Dan Dornbrook <djd -at- SAFCO -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 1995 18:46:00 CDT

NOTE: Please address all replies to the following message to the author
(djd -at- safco -dot- com), **NOT** to the list (or I won't see them). Thank you.

A smiley for your thoughts on Windows 95 ...

Is it affecting you as a tech writer or Windows Help developer? Will it?
To you as a user, how does it compare with its de-facto beta, Windows 3.51,
a.k.a. NT?
How does either compare with Windows 3.11, alias Workgroups?
Would you recommend 95 as a replacement for either or both? Why or why not?
Is 95 the final nail in the coffin for Unix?
Is 95 the ultimate vindication of Mac?
Or am I obviously a blundering idiot for asking either of the previous two
Have you used the new help engine, WinHelp 4? Do you plan to? What do you
think of it?
Or are you waiting for the authoring tool vendors to catch up?
Have you tried PageMaker 95, the first DTP out of the gate? Do you plan to?
Or are you waiting for a competing DTP (or SGML/HTML) app to go 95?
Do I need more work to do?;->

If your comments are strictly on background (that is, FMI only, not to be
passed along), just tell me, and I'll honor your request. BUT ...

If you're willing to be among the knowledgeable communicators quoted in the
Perspectives column of the October issue of Byline, the newsletter of the
Chicago Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, AND if you can
say it in 75-100 words (printable ones please!) or less, I'll pass your
comments along to the editor of the column, who isn't on the Net. If we use
your comments, you'll get a copy and our undying gratitude.

This query isn't limited to Chicagoans, though of course it doesn't hurt if
you have *some* connection, past or present, to the City of Big Shoulders,
Sharp Elbows and Loud Horns (tell us).

Thanks for your time -- and your responses. :-)

Dan Dornbrook (djd -at- safco -dot- com)
DA tekriter, SAFCO Corp. Electronic Systems Division, Chicago
(The opinions expressed are my own and not my company's, although my boss
might agree with the last question.)

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