PageMaker release for Windows 95

Subject: PageMaker release for Windows 95
From: Dan Dornbrook <djd -at- SAFCO -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 1995 16:02:00 CDT

->Please send replies to this message (or flames!) to me, NOT to the list
(or I won't see them).<-

Greetings, techwhirlers!!!

If you have either (1) seen a published review of the new Aldus/Adobe
PageMaker release for Microsoft Windows 95 or (2) written a review that's
close to (or could be edited to) 400 words, please send E-mail directly to:
Dan Dornbrook
Editor, Byline (Chicago STC)
Internet address: djd -at- safco -dot- com
Fax: (312) 631-4938

Also, if you know of any Windows 95 releases by competing desktop publishing
applications (such as Quark XPress, FrameMaker and Interleaf) -- or better
yet, you've seen or written a review of one -- please send E-mail to the
same address.

(Why not Word? Well, the popular press -- or at least the computer magazines
-- have covered Microsoft Office 95, including Word 7, rather thoroughly,
and besides, whether Word is a DTP app is a debate I'll duck for now, even
though I use Word daily.)

And no, this won't go on all year. I'm lining up local writers for future
issues. Really I am. It's just that my predecessor handed off to me with
less lead time than I expected, so I'm still trying to catch up. Thank you
all for your patience.

Dan Dornbrook (djd -at- safco -dot- com)

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