Re: bogus resume requirements

Subject: Re: bogus resume requirements
From: Kris Olberg <KJOlberg -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 11:59:25 -0400

In a message dated 95-09-12 17:19:44 EDT, fwersan -at- SYBASE -dot- COM (Fred Wersan)

>There is an ad in the back of the Sept. issue of INTERCOM (an STC
publication) that
>asks candidates for a tech writing position to send a resume including GPA
> or above) and SAT scores (1400 or higher).

3.6!???? I wouldn't even remember my SAT scores!

I hope someone who placed that ad reads this list. To you: I was a math major
in college (the Univ. of Minnesota) taking mostly pre-med courses. I remember
several quarters in which my courseload included physics, organic chemistry,
and some form of advanced calculus. So what's the big deal? I also worked 40
or more hours per week. This was necessary to pay for tuition, books,
apartment, food, insurance, phone bill, and other assorted sundries. My GPA
was 3.1 when I graduated, and I was darn proud of it.

My point is that I have worked as a very successful technical writer in the
Twin Cities area for over a dozen years. Never have I been asked my GPA or
SAT scores at an interview. They usually ask questions like, "What experience
do you have in banking/health care/manufacturing/....?" and "What are your
career objectives?"


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