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Subject: Re: Software Documentation style guide
From: Geoff Bradbury <bradg -at- INTEXT -dot- CPSG -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 13:20:26 +1000

At 16:11 14/09/95 LCL, you wrote:
>Does such a thing as a style guide for software documentation
>exist? If so, please post info about it.
At 13:07 15/9/95, I wrote:

Greetings Connie...

I posed a similar question a couple of weeks ago to the list re. corporate
style guides. I received an excellent response. Below are some references
you might find useful.

The following came from Gregory Keith, Documentation Specialist, Delrina
Canada. (gkeith -at- delrina -dot- com)

Apple Publications Style Guide. (Cupertino, CA: Apple Computer, February 1994).
(Available from Apple Products Developer's Association at (US)
1-800-282-2732/ (Can) 1-800-637-0029 and on the Web at, under the Publication Guides
directory. 380K compressed and binhexed.)

Digital Style Guide, by Susan I. Schultz, Jennifer J. Darrow, Frank X.
Kavanagh and Marjorie J. Morse. (Burlington, MA: Digital Press, 1993). ISBN
1-55558-104-8. (Reviewed by Durthy A. Washington in STC's Journal, Vol. 42,
No. 1.).

Digital Technical Documentation Handbook (previously known as "The Digital
Guide to Creating User Information", by Susan I. Schultz, Jennifer J.
Darrow, Frank X. Kavanagh and Marjorie J. Morse. (Burlington, MA: Digital
Press, 1993). ISBN 1-55558-103-X.

(Order both of the above from Digital Press through: Butterworth Heinemann,
Order Department, 225 Wildwood Avenue, Woburn, MA 01801. Phone:
1-800-366-2665 or (617)928-2500, Fax: 1-800-446-6520 or (617)933-6333,
e-mail: orders -at- bh -dot- com -dot- )

Microsoft Publications Style Guide. Version 1.0. (Redmond, WA: Microsoft
Corp, 1991).

OSF/Motif Style Guide. Version 1.0. (Open Software Foundation, Prentice-Hall
Inc.) ISBN 0-13-640491-X.

Xerox Publishing Standards: A Manual of Style and Design. Xerox Corporation.
(Watson-Guptill Publications, 1988). ISBN 0-8230-5964-2.

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