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>Anyone out there interested in starting or reviving a thread
>concerning WWW, HTML, and how all of this affects us writers.

Certainly! Here's a topic in which I'm interested: How can we use the 'net to
get jobs in a rural setting? I would like to hook up with a network of
writers who telecommute because I REALLY want to move away (outside of daily
commuting distance) from the Twin Cities. Why?

* I currently commute three days a week through traffic that's ruthless and
cruel. I want to stop commuting entirely not only for the environment but for
my sanity and safety.

* I find that working in my home makes me more productive. I can dial into
my machine at the office to pick up my mail from the network. I can also
upload and download files, making it easy to obtain source documents and
comply with file backup procedures.

* My boyfriend says I'm happier on the days I don't commute.

* I can save money many ways, one of which is by not having to maintain a
large, expensive wardrobe. (This is somewhat untrue; I have never put clothes
at the top of my priority list. Nevertheless, I can get by with less
expensive clothing.)

Anyone else interested in telecommuting? Are you currently telecommuting?
There are disadvantages, but for now let's focus the discussion on the
positive aspects.


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