Re: E-mail: How does it affect our work?

Subject: Re: E-mail: How does it affect our work?
From: Gerry Gaffney <gaffneyg -at- NETSPACE -dot- NET -dot- AU>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 22:25:53 GMT

In response to the query at the end of this email:

I regularly work with an organisation which has one of the largest email
networks in the world.

In that environment, Email has quietly revolutionised the way that
people communicate. "Telephone tag" is a thing of the past. The
decision-making process for day-to-day operations has been speeded
enormously. Many documents are available by sending an email request
to the appropriate mail server - this means that I can have access to
the latest versions of policy and other documents.

Email is an excellent medium for keeping track of and for escalating

However, I find that an initial telephone conversation is a vital
prerequisite to opening an email correspondence with anyone with whom
I am not personally acquainted.

- Regards.

In article <950917174749_21815553 -at- emout06 -dot- mail -dot- aol -dot- com>, KJOlberg -at- aol -dot- com says:

>I am interested in hearing opinions/observations on how e-mail has changed
>our lives. Here are some of my observations so far:

>* e-mail has revolutionized the way we interact with others at the office. I
>have less face-to-face contact with my coworkers, which results in less
>casual conversation, which results in less interest in them personally. So
>what's the issue? Were we hired to interact socially/personally or do a job?
>Are social and professional interaction separable to any great degree?

>* e-mail certainly saves time.

>* e-mail may enhance new or existing communication problems. Although I am a
>better communicator on paper than I am in person, I think that most others
>are exactly the opposite (IMHO). What does everyone else think?

>* e-mail "ties" me to my machine. If the network is down, I am 'netless.

>Any other issues surrounding e-mail?


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