Re[2]: WWW and Telecommuting

Subject: Re[2]: WWW and Telecommuting
From: powen -at- MAIL -dot- LMI -dot- ORG
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 1995 17:33:25 EST

RoMay says:

> I had a similar experience in my last job. Toward the end of my
> term with them, I occasionally took work home. I found that I
> could turn out the same type of material in almost half the time
> at home because my system is so much better. At work, I used a
> 286 PC with all DOS programs for the first 6 mo. This was then
> upgraded to a 486 SX25 running all Windows programs. The monitor
> was a little 14" model (at home, I use a 486 DX50 SCSI
> system--not quite a pentium, but still relatively good, with a
> 19" screen--all the difference in the world!

This is another good point. Usually, I have better equipment in my home
office than my clients do. My current client, however, has been really
good about giving me the equipment I need. At the same time, the
computer I bought last winter for my home office has been a real lemon,
so I've been working onsite more than I normally do. Besides, the site
is nice, with a friendly atmosphere, and is relatively close to home. I
still work at home one or two days a week, if I want or need to, but the
17" monitor at work and 16 MB of memory beats my 13" monitor (which I've
borrowed from one of my partners until I can afford a new 21" monitor)
and my home computer's 8 MB of memory. I've swapped the lemon for a
Pentium/75 and hope to get the 21" monitor within the next few months,
so my telecommuting will probably change again soon.

Pam Owen
Nighthawk Communications
Reston, VA
Nighthawk1 -at- aol -dot- com, or powen -at- lmi -dot- org

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