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Subject: Re: Software comparisons
From: Jeffrey Pittman <Jpittman49 -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 1995 14:38:30 -0400

In a message dated 95-09-22 11:10:05 EDT, jsavidge -at- MAVERICK -dot- INTECOM -dot- COM (Jim
Savidge) writes:


>Our company uses Ami Pro as our standard and I for one like it.

As a freelance, I use just about anything that works for the specific
job. Ami Pro comes with Freelance Graphics (these are both bundled in Lotus
Smart Suite). The use of this program, combined with Graphics Workshop,
allows me to take a fax and manipulate it into an online catalog page. Once
imported, I can add text blocks and graphics anywhere I want. I discovered
this while trying just about everyother method I could think of, including
the methods you good folks recommended to me. Ami Pro also comes with Screen
Show. This program is well suited to the production of tutorials and
Do I use Ami Pro to produce massive pieces of documentation? No. Do I
use any of the features in Lotus Smart Suite for the specific applications
they are suited for? Yes. When a company limits itself to one standard,
they are acting like an auto mechanic who will only use one tool. (Why buy a
whole set of different wrenches when an adjustable wrench fits any nut on the
BTW, NaviSoft has developed a WYSIWYG HTML authoring program. Do a web
search, download the 30 day trial version, and try this out. You will be
sore-amazed. This program can be used in a stand-alone version that will
give you the power to write and view HTML documents without connecting to an
outside online browser.
Good luck,

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