Re: help -- PageM, FrameM, and the Web

Subject: Re: help -- PageM, FrameM, and the Web
From: Matt Ion <mion -at- NEXTLEVEL -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 1995 19:42:41 PDT

On Sat, 23 Sep 1995 21:52:09 -0400 you wrote:

>The following is a note from one of my clients, responding to my suggestion
>that I buy PageMaker to help them with their marketing literature, which is
>now being done in PageMaker. I only suggested this because their marketing
>guys, who recently asked me to help them with a project, seemed unwilling
>to use FrameMaker (which is my preferred environment).

Seems most people are unwilling to change from what they're familiar with...
both you and marketting :-)

>Marketing does its work on a Mac. I work on a PC. I presume either PageM
>or FrameM files could be copied back and forth between my PC and their Mac
>without too much difficulty? (That's Page to Page, Frame to Frame docs.)

I don't know about PageMaker (Aldus/Adobe's usually pretty good about
cross-platform compatibility), but I know that that compatibility is one of
Frame's main selling points.

>I've been doing the major documentation for this company in FrameMaker, and
>have no intention of changing that.

As long as it produces the desired results, I see nothing wrong with that...

>In view of my client's desire to put all documents on the Web, my
>inclination now is to advise Marketing to buy and use FrameMaker.

Indeed, since, as I recall, Frame now has an integral HTML function (someone
wanna confirm that? I don't have a copy myself)... PM does not, and even with
Word, it's merely an add-on.

>--------------------------------included mssge
>>Couple of questions:

Okay, first of all, this guy can't count... I see THREE questions :)

>>1. Would you be using PageMaker instead of FrameMaker?

We've alredy covered that...

>>2. Can't we import FrameMaker files into PageMaker?

I wouldn't expect so, although I would think Frame would be able to
import/EXPORT to a Pagemaker format.

>>3. How does all this will fit into Acrobat?


>>I like to have a set of tools that enable us to have documents
>>that are like Word with all the formats for printing and etc,
>>be able to do bigger docs like OEM user guide with drawings and
>>etc, and also use them on Web page and BBS.

Sounds like a job for Frame! Let's see... better large-file support, HTML
support... BBS? Heck, just save as ASCII.

>>I a company our size it is not really wise to have so many
>>different packages in use.

Right. Everyone switch to EDIT.COM :-)

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