Re: Re. Word (Im?)perfect

Subject: Re: Re. Word (Im?)perfect
From: powen -at- MAIL -dot- LMI -dot- ORG
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 1995 17:34:20 EST

Geoff Hart writes, re: WordImperfect:

> For the record, the easiest way to remove the
> common problem tags is exactly the same as in
> MSWord: select the offending text, and apply a
> new format to it. For example, to remove
> hidden italics tags, select the text, apply
> italics (italicizes the entire block and
> removes any intermediate italics codes), then
> apply italics again (a "toggle" which removes
> the italics): this takes a total of two
> keystrokes once you've selected the text.
> Works like a charm on the Mac version, so it
> should work just as well in Windows and DOS.
> Less common tags might be a problem if there's
> no quick way to undo the tag; the only things
> I can think of that would cause this problem
> would be an embedded mail-merge code (hardly a
> common error) and perhaps footnotes.

I've found that only the simple formatting codes
(such as italics, superscript) can be removed
"easily" this way in the Windows version.
Changing the type of font or its size (rather
than just "large" or "small") is a nightmare. I
typically work in documents loaded with style and
formatting codes, and I've found that
WordImperfect does not handle layering of these
codes at all well. Invariably, some crucial end
code is blown off or something else that looks
incredibly weird on the screen happens, then it's
time for me to go into my Code Tracker mode. I
actually would rather write, edit, and DTP. In
Word, I do just as Geoff suggests - block and
choose the format I want, whatever it may be. On
only a few occasions have I had trouble with
format layering, and when I have, I just hit
CTRL-spacebar and strip overlayered coding out in
one swell foop (:~}) - no code-tracking needed.

Pam Owen
Nighthawk Communications
Reston, Virginia
Nighthawk1 -at- aol -dot- com, or powen -at- lmi -dot- org

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