Recent Spams: A Followup

Subject: Recent Spams: A Followup
From: Doug Montalbano <doug_montalbano -at- CC -dot- CHIRON -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 15:42:19 PST

Like I suppose many of you, I was enraged by the recent
"Patricia Loring <patricia -dot- loring -at- ES -dot- CO -dot- NZ> " spam ("List of over
1,500 USA magazine subscription titles!!!"). I wrote a polite note to
the Postmaster at ES.CO.NZ and got this reply. If you read no
further, at least read my summary.

SUMMARY: Many people who do this kind of things are masters at
"borrowing" accounts or user IDs, and just mailing core dumps or
vituperative hate mail does no good -- they're not there to catch
the flak, just some network administrator trying to clean up the mess.

----- The Reply: -------
Please note that there has never been a user patricia -dot- loring -at- es -dot- co -dot- nz
(and there never will be).
Any mail sent to that address will bounce.

I believe that the message originated from a user of
The postmster there has been queried regarding this matter
but as yet I have recieved no reply.

From a helpful user :
:This person is Kevin Jay Lipsitz (PO Box 120990, Staten Island NY
10312-0990, according to his whois.
:Good luck proving it, though, or extracting any money out of him.
He's been at this for years, screwing
:over site after site. You won't get any response from,
incidentally >-- they will give an account
:to anyone, for free, and don't really care about the consequences.
Same for, one of his other haunts.

I would like to find this person and make them pay for the all the
mail we've recieved about this (after 2 days -
16 megabytes and still climbing). In New Zealand we have to pay for
every byte of traffic on our system (both incoming
and outgoing).

Thanks for taking the time to send your message but please be assured
that it wasn't posted from our system
or by one of our users.


Nick Kean,
Efficient Software Network Manager.

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