X Windows under MS-Windows

Subject: X Windows under MS-Windows
From: Jimmy Kaml <Jimmy_Kaml -at- UNISON -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 09:10:58 PDT

Subject: Time:9:00 AM
X Windows under MS-Windows Date:10/30/95

Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 17:21:09 -0400
From: Keith Soltys <ksoltys -at- IO -dot- ORG>
Subject: Re: X Windows under MS-Windows?

>I have a new challenge and need some advice from someone who has been
>and done that and can tell me what T-shirt to buy.

>I'm going to be documenting a program that runs under HP-UNIX on something
>called an X Windows Terminal. I'm using MS-Windows-based writing tools
>(FrameMaker for Windows). Is there any way to run the UNIX-based program
>under Windows 3.11? It would make the process much easier. Purchasing
>FrameMaker for UNIX has already been suggested and then ranked somewhere
>below "drawing all the screen captures by hand using Windows Paint".

I do not use X-Windows. I use WINQVT (shareware) which allows me to run a
UNIX window on my PC screen. It has the same look and feel as any other
Window's screen. I use FrameMaker 4.0 on a PC (486/66). Our application
runs under UNIX, so I will start the UNIX app in the PC Windows and use my
regular authoring tools such as Paint Shop Pro for all screen captures. I
hope this helps. In any case this is an inexpensive way to go.


Jimmy Kaml, Technical Writer, Unison Software
jimmy_kaml -at- unison -dot- com, Austin, Texas

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