Re: Findlay Student Messages: thoughts

Subject: Re: Findlay Student Messages: thoughts
From: Joanna Sheldon <cjs10 -at- CORNELL -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 1995 06:49:24 -0400

Robert --

Thanks for your very amusing recent posts on the Findlay flood and the
absurd professor who visited it upon us. A certain wistful malice tempered
by a deep inner chuckle does seem to me to be the appropriate response.

This is priceless:

>Personally, I found his arrogance and cluelessness annoying, and with
>he'd stayed subscribed a little longer so we could slap him around a

....a line for which S. Shelton takes you to task:

>>As for going beyond rudeness straight to aggression, I believe Robert
>>Plamondon is the one who bemoaned the fact that a poster had
>>unsubscribed because he had missed his chance to
>>"slap him around a little."

>Indeed I did. This is, after all, a kinder, gentler age. One
>can no longer use sword or pistol when claiming satisfaction for
>untoward remarks. It's e-mails at dawn! Imagine my disgust
>when the churl had fired off HIS round, then decamped before
>a return shot could be readied. What's the world coming to?

Your response, in the same vein as your original posting, is full of such a
blithe disregard for deadly seriousness that it lifts the spirits -- as it
throws a banana peel in the way of what would otherwise have been merely
punitive and self-punitive wrangling.

Thanks for treating us to a bit of good oldfashioned scathing humor...


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