UNIX - the OWNER's LAWYER sez:

Subject: UNIX - the OWNER's LAWYER sez:
From: Richard Dimock <red -at- ELSEGUNDOCA -dot- ATTGIS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 11:34:24 PST

I received a few emails from writers doing trademark updates about
the UNIX trademark. Thank you for diligently observing the legal

And for all you that "...prefer Unix..." for any reason, perhaps
you would like to talk to the trademark owner's lawyer about your
observance of their trademark. Before he talks to your own
company's lawyer.

As a professional, I can't let my own "preferences" put my company
or client into any degree of legal jeopardy. Doing less is simply

Here is the word from Steve Nunn, legal counsel for X/Open Company
Limited. Notice the date is June 6, 1994. I searched and found that
we had been using UNIX System Laboratories (USL) in January 1994,
and then switched to X/Open Company Limited in June, 1994.

Excerpt below from internal email with Steve Nunn's email embedded.

Subject: FW: UNIX Trademark Acknowledgement
Date: Monday, June 06, 1994 2:31PM

Folks -

I just received the following information re the new
legal wording for the UNIX trademark. FYI and use...

(internal AT&T names deleted. Take my word, they have authority to
forward this email and TELL us what to publish.)

Subject: (XoTechMan 7674) UNIX Trademark Acknowledgement (fwd)
Date: Monday, June 06, 1994 1:02PM

> Now that the UNIX Trademark Relicensing Agreement has been signed between
> X/Open and Novell, with immediate effect,the correct trademark
> acknowledgement for UNIX should be:-

> "UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries,
> licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Limited".

> Please notify the relevant personnel within your respective organisations
> accordingly. They should direct any queries regarding the acknowledgement
> myself, in the first instance.

> Thank you for your co-operation.

> Regards.....STEVE NUNN
> Legal Counsel

> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> __ _
> \\ / X/Open Company Limited Steve Nunn
> \\/ Apex Plaza, Forbury Road
> /\\ Reading, UK, RG1 1AX Legal Counsel
> / \\ Tel: +44 734 508311 x2260
> / \\_ Fax: +44 734 500110
> O EMail: s -dot- nunn -at- xopen -dot- co -dot- uk

> 'X/Open and the X device are trademarks of X/Open Company Ltd'



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