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Subject: Re: Re. Using software your clients propos
From: Frank Harper <Frank -dot- Harper -at- ES -dot- ATL -dot- SITA -dot- INT>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 09:02:30 PST

I am puzzled by your response, jankwig. I do not recall saying that I will lie
in order to obtain a contract, I only said that I have a good respect for my
learning ability. I have never said I know a package when I did not. I have
said that I have experience on a package, but not recently and will take
approximately 1-2 weeks to come up to speed.

I have been contracting successfully for the past ten years and generally bill
a full 2000 hours per year. I do not believe that I would have this record if
my clients had not been pleased with my work.

As for my resume, I am willing to put it up against anyone's and will verify
every word.

My thumb is still intact and will remain so.
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GOOD GRIEF. (no, I'm not yelling, I'm just exasperated...)

Yes, folks, these are the attitudes that make employers from
all over look askance at resumes, from all over.

So, I guess your "rules of thumb" are "say whatever you think
will get you the job, and worry about accounting for it later."
I'm much happier hiring someone who simply says, "Well, no, I've
never used that particular package, but I've been in this position
before and sure do learn fast." This is preferable to a bold-faced
lie from a newly hired employee whom I will then continue to
*always* doubt for the rest of the time s/he works for me, and
foget about that reference you wanted.

Let's make a deal: I won't throw any flack if you'll just
get a thumb transplant. {;-0

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Signed - my real name and the one I use on all contracts.
H. Frank Harper | I am not the same having seen
Technical Writer | the moon shine on the other
hfharper -at- pobox -dot- com | side of the world.

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