Evolution of HTML?

Subject: Evolution of HTML?
From: Betsy Maaks <bmaaks -at- FRAME -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 10:45:38 CST

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995 23:29:34, you wrote:

>Today I attended an interesting tutorial titled 'How SGML and HTML
>Fit Together' at the Internet World '95 Boston. It was presented by
>Eric Severson from Interleaf Inc.

>>From the lecture, I felt that understanding the philosophy of SGML
>would make a great difference in the long run, even if you are writing
>only HTML documents right now. In a broad sense, it may include an issue
>of how you manage information on database, web sites or even on your PCs.

>So, I want to know more about SGML. Could anyone recommend a readable,
>understandable book about basics of SGML? I know there were some
>discussions about SGML and HTML in this list before, but I missed
>them. Sorry for any redundancy I am producing.

>And if anyone who attended the presentation today at World Trade Center
>Boston is reading this article, I would appreciate any commnent about
>the tutorial. I thought it was very nice(a little bit expensive, though).

>** Tomohiro Hori **
>thori001 -at- acs -dot- bu -dot- edu


I was researching SGML for nearly the same reason, and asked some experts
here about resources. Here's the list:

Eric van Herwijnen, _Practical SGML_, second edition, Kluwer Academic
Publishers, Boston, 1994. There are some errors in it, but the information
is presented in an understandable way.

International Organization for Standardization, Geneva/New York. ISO 8879:
1986, Information Processing - Text and Office Systems - Standard
Generalized Markup Language (SGML). This is the text of the international

Charles F. Goldfarb. The SGML Handbook. Edited and with a foreward by Yuri
Rubinsky. Oxford University Press, 1990. NOT recommended: is much more of a
reference book for experts than a learning resource.

Serial Publications:

<TAG> The SGML Newsletter
SGML Associates, Inc.
6360 S. Gilbraltar Circle
Aurora, CO 80016-1212 USA
+1 303-680-0875
fax +1 303-680-4906

Graphics Communications Association
100 Dangerfield Road
Alexandria, VA 22314-2804 USA


SGML Open (412)-264-4258

Graphics Communication Association (703)-519-8160
Also try the names of manufacturers of software for SGML and HTML authoring,
editing, converting and browsing:

Internet (SGML and HTML):

SGML Internet Newsgroup

HTML - Mosaic (Univ. of IL)

HTML_Authors_Guild mailing list
Majordomo -at- lists -dot- stanford -dot- edu
write "subscribe yourname -at- address"
Betsy Maaks + Adobe Systems
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