Re: commercialization of the Web

Subject: Re: commercialization of the Web
From: "Mark W. McBride, President" <spcsinc -at- INTERSURF -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 1995 05:40:02 GMT

Did you hear the news? On 4 Nov 1995 03:45:16 -0600, our ether buddy
David Blyth <dblyth -at- qualcomm -dot- com> spaketh thusly:

Hello David!

:)(BTW, the continuing success of PBS shows that it is perfectly possible
:)to have worthwhile art/eduction within a comercialized media.)

PBS has gone to sponsorship in a big way to ensure continuing revenues -
and its sponsorship announcements are sure beginning to sound like
commercials to me. The big exception is that Dan Rather doesn't plug the
products on CBS but the news announcers sure do on PBS. Ver-r-r-r-y
questionable practice IMHO.

If it was possible to have a totally commercial free internet, would the
sponsors then break-in every few weeks, shut down e-mail and newsgroups
for several hours, and pester the heck out of all of us for donations?
The PBS buck-a-thons are getting on my nerves as badly as the 5-minute
long "ringing phones" commercials hawking vinyl siding on Sat/Sun
afternoons. In each case, I channel surf. And PBS isn't non-commercial -
it's very commercial, licensing rights for Muppets and Barney and the
like - though just not very good at it.

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