Web editors/Web Presence Providers SUMMARY (long)

Subject: Web editors/Web Presence Providers SUMMARY (long)
From: LaVonna Funkhouser <lffunkhouser -at- HALNET -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 14:14:39 -0600

This is an overdue summary. In Sept, I asked for information
about finding a provider that would allow me to place a Web page
on their server. Several (about 18) kind people gave me
suggestions. Some of you pointed out that the answer was
dependent upon what services I needed. I was under a tight
deadline for coming up with a provider, so I consulted with
Ryan Bernard, an expert in this area. After listening to his
suggestions, I ended up with WebCom (http://www.webcom.com/).

My decision was based mostly on the fact that the services
that Webcom provides are the ones that I needed!

To help those of you getting started on Web page design, I'm
providing a summary of responses to my inquiry. I hope you find
value in it.

Additionally, a few months back I asked about text editors. I
cannot provide a summary of those responses because many of them
were eaten my my firewall while I was on vacation. The end result
of that was giving up on Internet Assistant + text editor and using
a genuine HTML editor. I've included a short plug for the one I chose
(HotDog Pro).

Thanks to those of you who replied. I will let you know when my
pages are public.




This site has a fairly complete listing of HTML editors and
an HTML tutorial:

(The Web Designer)

For what it is worth, I learned about HotDog Pro from folks
on techwr-l. I've been very pleased with it. I was very glad
to dump Word's Internet Assistant in combo with a text editor in
favor for a real HTML editor. BTW, HotDog Pro v.2.0 is now out.
See http://www.sausage.com/.


For more info on the Presence Provider that I chose for
COREComm, surf to

Several persons recommended searching in Yahoo.

>If what you want is an
>Internet presence provider, you can check the Yahoo listings at

> http://www.yahoo.com/Business_and_EconomyCompanies/

>but be patient, 'cause this is a HUGE list. It does have a pointer to a
>list of Free Web Pages, which since you say "allow your company to
>place..." might be what you're looking for.

>If you want to find a list of providers in your area, you can start by
>checking the Yahoo listing for your state/city -- for Oklahoma,

> http://www.yahoo.com/Regional/U_S__States/Oklahoma/

Another search engine is

Several people recommended The List as a way to search for providers.

The List also has lots of links to other ISP lists

The usenet group: alt.online-service

Try your local University computing center. They often handle calls from
outside individuals who want accounts--and sometimes from alumni who may
not be eligible for an account on the University system.

The center's help line may have a list of local service providers on hand
(ours does). Many of these providers may also provide space for a Web
page--for a fee, of course.

++++end of summary++++

LaVonna F. Funkhouser
lffunkhouser -at- halnet -dot- com (work)
STC OK Chapter Imm. Past Pres.
employee of COREComm
My opinions do not officially represent anyone other than little ol' me.

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