Re: Training Video Scripts

Subject: Re: Training Video Scripts
From: Robin Lewis <rlewis -at- CTIW -dot- CFER -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 15:48:00 PST

I agree with Laurel Nelson; you need to have some experience with script
writing, so if you're planning to jump into projects such as these, get that
experience beforehand if you don't already have it .

I have a few years of scriptwriting/producing experience for broadcast
television and video production behind my belt. I enjoyed every minute of
it, so I would say it is a fun profession, albeit a stressful one!

In my experience, you as a scriptwriter will only write, but will need to be
familiar with camera angles and movements, have a good eye for captured
moving images, and be able imagine how your words will go with the motion,
knowing that it won't always work the way you envisioned the scene. In
addition, you have to think about how the information will be captured - by
visualization, by narration, by interview, or through sound effects ... or
all of the above. You also have to think about whether the video will be
taking place in a studio or in the field, and what type of equipment will be

With all of these factors, and more that I haven't mentioned (scheduling,
for instance), I would say that scriptwriting takes at least four times as
long as technical writing, if not longer. Scriptwriting involves a great
deal of pre-planning before the writing is even completed.

I also recall that I worked as a member of a team which included me as the
writer, the client, a videographer, an editor, a producer, an actor (or two
or three), and, if the shots were done at several locations, consultants at
each of those locations. So if you're planning to tackle a project like this
alone, I would warn you that it's a big job! If these companies are aware of
the immense nature of the job, then I would find out ahead of time with whom
you will be working.

All of this is assuming you have no experience in scriptwriting. If you do,
however, more power to you!

Robin McCloud
Technical Writer
rlewis -at- ctiw -dot- cfer -dot- com

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