Mac to PC Graphics Problems

Subject: Mac to PC Graphics Problems
From: Robin Lewis <rlewis -at- CTIW -dot- CFER -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 10:17:00 PST

Hi all! Help!!! I think this has been a topic before, but I didn't keep any
of the responses if it was.

I recently became a PC user (133Mhz Micron/32Mg RAM) after being a "deviant
Mac user" in my office environment. All of my graphics were generated on the
Mac, in either Claris CAD format, linked to the document, or embedded as
Windows Metafiles inside of a MS Word 6.0 (Mac/PC) document.

When changes to the graphics are needed, I now have them on the PC in the MS
Word 6.0 document.

When I worked on a Mac, I could copy and paste into Claris CAD with no
problem, make changes, and then paste the graphic back into MS Word 6.0 l
... or I could click twice in MS Word 6.0 and the document would open the
Claris CAD document when the graphics were linked.

NOW when I try to change the picture within the document and click twice,
the links are gone, of course, to Claris CAD, and I haven't found a
comparable application on the PC. All the lines in my graphics skew every
which way but loose. When I close the picture, the whole graphic changes to
this skewed format, and I have to close the document with no changes in
order to retrieve the original graphic (I can't undo).

Consequently, I have tried to paste the graphic into a different
application. I highlight the graphic and copy, then open the different
application and paste/paste link/import/embed/etc. etc. etc. Hijaak Graphics
takes the graphic very well, but I can make no changes to it because it is
one block. I cannot ungroup! Freehand, OTOH, takes the graphic, but skews it
worse than MS Word does!

Does anyone know of a good graphics application to use, or do I have to
return to the Mac environment to work on graphics? Or pull them up on Claris
CAD and export them as a different kind of file? I would like to avoid that
option, since there is only one Mac in our office now.

Please write to me individually if this is not on topic for the Techwriter

Robin Lewis McCloud
rlewis -at- ctiw -dot- cfer -dot- com

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