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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Illiterate America... verging off-topic
From: "Kahn, Stacey" <skahn -at- WB -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 16:42:44 U

Stan Radomski <radomski -at- PUBS16 -dot- SI -dot- COM> succinctly expresses an opinion that
various list members implied:

> I thought it was quite enlightening because proven methods developed
> in the '50s are being ignored and the latest "fad" teaching methods
> are being used instead.

Am I correct in my perception that those of y'all/us who have expressed strong
preferences for those "proven methods," i.e., traditional drill-and-correct
instruction, were themselves subjected to it?

The tech writing moral of this comment is a reminder that there are as many
different methods of acquiring information as there are different individuals.
Both tech writers and teachers are, as a profession, self-selected to be
extremely visual-- we're good at, and we enjoy, writing and reading. We do a
disservice to our audience when we fail to allow for this preference. And IMO
the belief that there's only one "best" way to teach or to learn is an example
of letting our personal preferences cloud our objective knowledge of diversity.

--Stacey Kahn
who learned phonics and New Math in Open Classrooms
SKahn -at- wb -dot- com Washington, DC
speaking for myself and not for my employers

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