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Subject: Re: Boring Discussions
From: "Marvin W. Miller" <Marvin_Miller -at- SEC -dot- SEL -dot- SONY -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 09:06:59 -0800

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It's boring all the way to the bank. :-)

First of all, we are "technical communicators". Writing is only one facet of
this profession. For my current project, I am expected to write the manual,
illustrate the manual, create the Help files and author the Tech Support WWW
page. I also have to supervise the writing staff and manage the other Pubs
projects. I don't have time to be bored!!!!

Go for it. It's a great time to be a tech communicator.

> I am a recent new subscriber to this list and am also wondering a
> bit about the boredem factor (mein angstliches Gefuehl ist, dass
> die Langweiligkeit dieses Listes die Verklichkeit von
> technischen Schreiben spiegelt). That is, as a soon to be new
> graduate who is looking into TW as a possible career option, I
> am wondering if this boredom does not reflect the field of TW
> itself. Please do not be offended by this statement, but I myslef do
> find disscussions of grammar and acronym capitalization somewhat less
> than rapturous. More, I have not recieved the epiffany experience I
> had perhaps unrealistically hoped for telling me that TW was going to
> be my lifes work and something that I MUST do. Again, and I am trying
> to be honest with myself and the list, I get a sense of an underlying
> hope in the disscussions here that people are desparate to talk
> about SOMETHING interesting. Is this because tech writers are
> living lives of silent desparation or am I, as a neophyte and
> potential practitioner, just missing the point and the collective
> fires burning out there in the souls of the worlds tech-pubers?

> I really want to fall in love with the idea of becoming a technical
> writer, could somebody please help convince me that the above
> impressions are wrong?

> With heartfelt if not brutal honesty,
> Willard Brooks

> On Mon, 11 Dec 1995, George Allaman wrote:

> > On Sat, 9 Dec 1995, Dick Buchanan wrote:
> >
> > > How do I drop out of this extremely boring discussion group?
> >
> > Why do you find the group boring?
> > Why can't you figure out how to unsubscribe?
> > Do these questions have the same answer?
> >
> > George
> >

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Marvin W. Miller
Supervisor, Technical Communications Group
Sony Systems Engineering Center - San Jose, CA
Ph 408-955-4251

Opinions expressed here probably differ from that of my
employer. If I ruffle your feathers, get mad at me - not Sony.

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