Re: writers who R not good self-editors

Subject: Re: writers who R not good self-editors
From: Charlie Levenson <chas -at- TELEPORT -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 11:55:31 -0800

Robert Plamondon writes

>Let's do a thought experiment to see how strongly you believe this.
>Suppose you were advertising for a writer, and you had someone who
>was a good proofreader available to assist you. Would you instruct
>the proofreader to discard all resumes that contained even a single
>spelling error, and present you with only the letter-perfect ones?
>I wouldn't.

As a writer who is also a terribble (g) speller, I would hope that bad
spelling would never threaten my opportunities for success. However, when
I DID have a resume, I always had someone who WAS a good proofreader look
it over.

As a Creative Director and Producer, when I see a writer's resume which has
bad spelling (or even bad grammar, syntax, style, or word choice) I laugh a
little. I DON'T immediately round-file it, but it DOES have an effect on
my thinking about that person. If there is nothing else to inspire me --
that is, if after looking at the rest of their work my opinion of them
remains neutral -- then the feeling that they are not meticulous about
their craft is what sticks and I file them away, perhaps never to be found
again. That's how I act, my human reaction, whether right or wrong. Of
course, since I'm a bad speller, I probably miss a few errors and the
writers are never penalized. FWIW.


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