Inexpensive GP Dictionary? (or more?)

Subject: Inexpensive GP Dictionary? (or more?)
From: Charlie Levenson <chas -at- TELEPORT -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 09:46:14 -0800

>What I'm charged with procuring is a batch
>of cheap, English, general-purpose dictionaries for the administrative offices
>of a small US company. The price range? As inexpensive as is reasonable.

I would heartily recommend the American Heritage dictionary (third edition)
which is generally available in bulk for around $4.00 each.

Another possibility, which would cost your company a little more, but which
would be of MUCH more value would be a "desk set" such as one which
includes a dictionary, thesaurus, and unually a third book which is either
a book of business quotations or a book of secretarial advice or a guide to
general writing style. These "kits" usually run about $10.

Good luck.

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