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Subject: Re: Certification/Resume anecdote
From: Stuart Reynolds <reynolds -at- IC -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 01:14:43 -0500

On Wednesday, January 03, 1996 4:33 PM, Susan W. =
Gallagher[SMTP:sgallagher -at- EXPERSOFT -dot- COM] wrote:

>> IBM was on the phone, and politely said something to the
>> effect of "your resume crossed my desk this morning, and

A change in the business arena, does not allow this occurrence much any =
more. More often than not, it is either a HR dep't, who don't know =
specifics of a position and so, would "file" an *unqualified* resume, or =
as recent studies on the subject have shown, smaller companies who do =
not have the money for HR departments, relying on the manager/supervisor =
to review the resumes. And being a smaller business, under the usual =
business stresses (making money, staying afloat and competitive), don't =
have time and can't be bothered to read anything more, than =
qualifications for the job.

>Another moral:
>Use your resume to raise questions about you, not to tell
>the recipient everything about you. A question can lead to
>a phone call -- and sometimes that's all the opening you

While these *are* good morals, they are not too representative, of the =
way in which resumes/CV's are reviewed these days. if I can find the =
survey stuff I have referred to, I will post it for you to see. And no, =
the survey is not a Canadian one. It was actually called a "North =
American" survey. However, the US companies involved, out numbered the =
Canadian companies significantly.

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