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Subject: Re: TW on the development team
From: Stuart Reynolds <reynolds -at- IC -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 01:42:04 -0500

On Wednesday, January 03, 1996 2:05 PM, Susan W. =
Gallagher[SMTP:sgallagher -at- EXPERSOFT -dot- COM] wrote: (the stuff with the =
single >'s)

>>Not necessarily. I know many technical writers who prefer to work
>>in as much isolation from developers as possible. Most frequently =
>>is a result of the inability of the writer to grasp technical details =
in a
>>timely fashion.
>Funny, Gary... I've been in the profession for almost 13 years now,
>and I've never met a writer or worked with a writer who preferred
>being isolated from the development team. Where did you meet these
Funny too, is that most writers I have interacted with, that didn't want =
to have much if anything to do with the programmers, is because of the =
programmers' attitudes. The main one being that if you can' t =
understand what they are talking about, you don't deserve to live, or at =
the least, be in *their* presence. Personally, I have not had a problem =
with Programmers.. mainly because (Matt can verify this with the last =
set of programmers I worked with) the ones I have been fortunate enough =
to work with, have much better interpersonal skills and don't have this =
"I'm a programmer therefore am godlike" attitude that so many seem to =
have. (not *all*, just some)

Another thing I would also question, is why, when programmers get paid a =
considerably better wage than writers do, a programmer would *want* to =
do the tech writing. It isn't like any of the source writing they are =
taught (whether it be self taught or schooled).

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