Re[2]: Certification

Subject: Re[2]: Certification
From: "Khalil, Alexandria G." <akhalil -at- SUNGARD -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 15:32:11 EST


I don't think you need to change your career because of a certification
requirement that you need a college degree. I think if that if a college degree
were needed for any certification, you should go out and get the degree.
Sometimes there is just no way around that type of requirement. Further, in
terms of marketability, what harm would getting a degree cause?

Alexandria Khalil
SunGard Capital Markets
Phila., PA

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Subject: Re: Certification
Author: grant -at- onyxgfx -dot- com at Internet
Date: 1/3/96 3:25 PM

So far, I've not seen anyone say that you *have* to have a degree to
get certified. I think that there might well be an "in lieu of" loophole
that would let people such as yourself pass through (or over, or whatever :-)

This whole discussion is also about something that will not likely
occur for at least 3y, and probably won't achieve any major status
for another 5-10y beyond that.
(Yes, I'm guessing...anybody want to start a betting pool?) <grin>


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> Date: Wed, 3 Jan 96 10:37:42 -0700 (MST)
> From: Judith Blackbourn <JudiStaal -at- MSN -dot- COM>
> Subject: Certification

> For many of you, this discussion seems to be theoretical; I'm taking
> it personally.

> Here's my worry -- I don't have a college degree. So even though the
> local STC chapter has awarded me a Best of Show the last two years,
> I wouldn't be qualified for a certificate!

> Guess when the certification standards are in place, I wouldn't be
> able to enter my work in the competition anyway.

> Guess it's time to start thinking about another career!

Grant Hogarth, Information Developer
Onyx Graphics Corp. Midvale, UT
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"Men are not prisoners of fate,
but only prisoners of their own minds."
-Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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