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Subject: Re: Certification
From: Stuart Reynolds <reynolds -at- IC -dot- NET>
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 1996 02:43:20 -0500

>once complained to me that she couldn't even get an interview at a
>company she wanted to work for because she didn't have a degree. She
>actually said this with an aggrieved tone, as if it were such dreadful
>bigotry for the company to expect its professional staff to hold =

Well, I'll tell you what Stephen.. I'll put my 15 years of experience =
and *NO* degree; certificate, or any other piece of like, ornate paper, =
up against anyone with a degree and experience. I *am not* belittling =
degrees/certificates or anything else, I have a college education =
myself, *but*, it positively signifies nothing more than someone put in =
the required allotment of time, or bribes. (like it or not, it DOES =
still happen) =20
I applaud Ginger, for making it through her course. It takes a lot. =
And, she shouldn't think anything less of herself, because of what she =
reads on this list. You should believe in *yourself*. If you are =
honest with yourself, then it doesn't mater what others are saying, or =
what they personally think about something. It is their opinion, and =
they are entitled to it. I don't have the certificate Ginger or anyone =
else from the course has, but I feel confident enough in my abilities, =
to state that I am as good as any of them are. (Ginger, this isn't =
anything personal to you, just you were the one brought up as the =
example)... =20
There are some on this list, who also don't have degrees and some who =
do, who I consider excellent TW-ers, and would ask them in an instant =
for their opinions, as I value them.=20
I have brought this up with one company who advertised that the TW =
position req'd a Degree.. I pointed out, that I don't have one, but have =
15 years of doing the job, with references, without complaints, and =
would put it up against any other candidates they had in mind. Funny, =
they reset the posting, to degree or relevant experience.

Stuart Reynolds
reynolds -at- ic -dot- net
First Impression Graphics
web page design & implementation
tech writing, creative concepts, graphic design,=20
DTP, exhibition graphics, packaging solutions

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