Re: Optimal Page Sizes

Subject: Re: Optimal Page Sizes
From: David Ibbetson <ibbetson -at- IDIRECT -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 16:59:34 -0500

At 08:17 AM 1/23/96 -0500, GF Hayhoe wrote:
>Jim Giordano of Nashville, TN, has asked me to post the following to the
>list. Please cc: him (Giordanoj -at- Delphi -dot- com) in addition to responding to the
>list. I don't recall an earlier thread on the topic, and it's one that I
>think is interesting.

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>We're trying to set a corporate standard for page size for software
>documentation. If I look on my book shelf I see user's guides in a wide
>variety of sizes. There seems to be no standard. We are considering A5
>(common in Europe; we are owned by the French), 8 1/2" x 7" which is a legal
>sheet folded, and the Microsoft size 7 1/2"x9". Any
>opinions you'd like to share. Also, are you aware of any usability research
>that talks about page size?


I like Kent Newton's suggestion of swapping between A4 and American Quarto,
except that, provided the manual isn't too thick, I would prefer A5 and
folded American Quarto. As I've noted elsewhere I find large manuals with
matching large type a pain in the neck.

David (the idiot) Ibbetson

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