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Subject: Re: What *is* user-friendly...
From: Stephen Arrants <stephena -at- SONIC -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 08:17:35 -0800

On Wednesday, January 24, 1996 7:57 AM, Dot =
James[SMTP:dot -at- hpoemb05 -dot- sj -dot- hp -dot- com] wrote:
>You wrote:
>Apparently, you are determined to continue to use your definition of a
>baby-boomer even though I sent you a private e-mail. Since I don't
>think your myth should become "fact," I am sending the correction to
>the list this time.=20
>I sent you the following explanation of the term, "baby-boomer":

>Baby boomers are those born in 1946, the first year after WWII, thru
>approx. 1953. The name derives from the boom in baby-making, not the
>boom heard in 1963. For example: I am 57. I am not a baby-boomer, but
>I can certainly remember where I was when Kennedy died.

Actually, the definition of baby-boomer is rather fluid. The =
"generation" starts right after WWII, but the ending is 1962 or 1964, =
depending on what criteria you use.
See for some interesting facts, figures, etc.

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