Re: Thumbnail/preview TIFF images

Subject: Re: Thumbnail/preview TIFF images
From: Andrew Woodhouse <awoodhou -at- MPC-UK -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 09:03:10 GMT

> AW> From: Andrew Woodhouse <awoodhou -at- mpc-uk -dot- com>

> AW> What we need really is to find some way of creating thumbnails
> AW> of the images in
> AW> each directory, showing a small version of the graphic along
> AW> with the filename.
> AW> It's such a pain to have to open each graphic in a tool such as
> AW> XV or the Sun
> AW> Imagetool to find out what it is...

> I don't know what your UNIX guru recommends, but in the MS-Windows world I
> would try the shareware program Paintshop Pro (PSP311.ZIP on many FTP
> servers). Paintshop Pro knows about LOTS of graphics formats. May be even
> variant of TIFF.

> Greetinggs from Germany,
> Alexander

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Thanks to Alexander and Stuart Burnfield for replying, but I have found a
freeware tool called ImageMagick that does *exactly* what I want. It comes as
source code and has to be built, so can be used on whatever flavour of UNIX you

If anybody else uses UNIX workstations for documentation and has lots of
images/screendumps, etc. I heartily recommend it's use. It can, from the command
line, amongst many other fancy things, create "Visual Image Directories" with
configurable thumbnails of all files in a directory (it works out the file type
automagically). These can then be copied to a different directory (we have set
up a catalogues directory) and then displayed, the original images opened and
edited, etc.

If anyone's interested, I can mail them the help documentation (HTML) so they
can find out if they could use it.


Andrew Woodhouse
Technical Writer
Borehamwood, UK
awoodhou -at- mpc-uk -dot- com

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