Framemaker vs wordperfect?

Subject: Framemaker vs wordperfect?
From: Cathy Gray <cgray -at- MPX -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 23:22:00 EDT

Hello all

As a bit of a new chum on this list, I've been a bit shy about leaping in,
foot in mouth. But the discussion of Framemaker vs Ventura (and Word) has
struck a chord too resonant to resist.

I'm interested in people's views on *WordPerfect* and its relationship with

The situation is this:

I'm a freelance writer/editor working for a government department on a
manual for stormwater (urban runoff) management. It's developing into a
rather large beast, probably three volumes, maybe 500 pages total, and the
structure is along the lines of 'this is the process you should use', 'here
are some models to show you how it might work' and 'here's some information
to help you do it', ie with extensive cross-referencing. I'd also like to be
able to use auto numbering on at least some of the heading levels.

A draft for comment (from both technical experts and potential users, but
mainly the former) is being produced first, and I'd like this to have at
least some of the 'feel' of the final, particularly when it comes to the way
we use the typography and design to help people take advantage of the
'process/models/info resources' structure. There will also be some graphics
needed at this stage - diagrams and line drawings, probably scanned in.

We were originally going to produce this draft using WordPerfect for Windows
6.1 and then the publications section of the department would take over and
put it through a DTP package for the final design stage (we were saving the
decision about Frame vs Ventura etc until then).

But....after reading people's comments on Framemaker vs Word, it seems we
might be wasting our time. Are we mad? Should we go straight to Framemaker?
Does WordPerfect handle long documents better than Word? What about its
master document function?
Are WordPerfect files as great a pain to convert into Framemaker as Word files?
How much easier would it be to do the job in Framemaker than WordPerfect
anyway, irrespective of conversion hassles?

(To compound the problem, I am actually a Word user myself, and am basically
being forced into WordPerfect because that's what the client uses.)

If Framemaker is the way to go, we'll have to make a case to my client's
boss so any advice you can give would be appreciated.

Thanks heaps


Catherine Gray
PO Box 563
Potts Point NSW Australia 2011

Phone/fax: +61 2 358 1294
E-mail: cgray -at- mpx -dot- com -dot- au

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