Tech writing students

Subject: Tech writing students
From: Kristina Ricks <kristina_ricks -at- MAIL -dot- MEDICALOGIC -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 08:46:37 PST

Another thought to throw on the fire...

For this mythical group of tech writing students, I had a thought as I
was reading the post on being problem-solvers. You might spend a
little time talking about attitude.

I have seen tech writers at the organizations I've worked in fall into
the easy trap of "tech writer's pity party" with little provacation.
Ok, I'm guilty too, I've done my share of kvetching.

1. No one appreciates what I do.
2. No one really understands tech writing.
3. The engineers get all the funding and all the glory.
4. We don't get no respect.
5. (sing along, we can all fill in the blanks here)

Sure, once in a while over a beer, that kind of thinking/talking is
inevitable and can be fun. But as a daily mantra, it turns into a bad
attitude, which will get you nowhere fast in any organization. These
complaints are often true. However, there is still work to be done,
manuals/help/whatever to be written, and this kind of thinking doesn't
make it any easier. And no one wants to be around a whiner. Sometimes
these issues need to be addressed directly (in meetings, with
management, etc). Most of the time, I think they're best addressed by
doing your best _anyway_ even if the world isn't perfect, and working
for small incremental changes in the organization... showing that
you're willing to work to fix things instead of just complaining.

Just my Friday morning thoughts....

Kristina Ricks

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