Re: Acrobat file sizes

Subject: Re: Acrobat file sizes
From: "Valerie J. Archambeau" <varchamb -at- MIDWAY -dot- UCHICAGO -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 1996 09:41:13 -0600

>To which I say, "Large as compared to what??"

>On Friday, I had the task of converting to Acrobat a PageMaker document
>that had
>been created by a coworker and that contained several EPS photos and
>other figures. It was only 13 pages, but it was a technical conference
>paper with lots of illustrations.

>As a Pagemaker file, it was HUGE: 41.1 MB No joke.

>As an Acrobat file, it was more reasonable: 850 KB

>It has been my experience that Acrobat usually makes the document at least
>half the size of the original, and that's with including downloadable fonts.

>LaVonna F. Funkhouser, COREComm
>lffunkhouser -at- halnet -dot- com (work)
>You are invited to browse our web site:
>My opinions do not officially represent anyone other than me.

Exactly my experience. All of the PageMaker files we converted for an
online version of our Resource Guide were significantly smaller as Acrobat
files. Acrobat's Distiller allows you to specify the level of compression
on color images, gray-scale images, and monochrome images. Perhaps this is
why experiences differ.

Check the DISTILLER menu for "Job Options." My settings are:

Color images:
Down Sample to 72 dpi
Compression: JPEG Medium
Gray Scale:
Down Sample to 72 dpi
Compression: JPEG Medium
Downsample to 300 DPI
Compression: CCITT Group 4 (set by default)

--Valerie Archambeau


-- Valerie Archambeau What is written without effort
The University of Chicago is in general read without pleasure.
varchamb -at- midway -dot- uchicago -dot- edu --Samuel Johnson

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