Re: Request for change

Subject: Re: Request for change
From: Simon North <snorth -at- TEDOPRES -dot- NL>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 08:51:20 GMT

Well said Eric. From here at least, the level seems to have been
steadily dropping over the past two years. My biggest problems are
simply deadlines; currently I'm working on a Word/Windows Help software
manual, an inverter hardware manual that should have been finished three weeks
ago, trying to get our WWW site up and running, keeping our e-mail online,
keeping the Unix system up and running ... and that's just this month. Next
month I would desperately like to think about getting my PDP-11/23 up and
running (yes guys, I was _given_ one ... makes a nice room heater).

If we aren't bright enough to solve our spelling problems then something's
wrong, and there are far more important topics that could be discussed,
although I would like to take things to a deeper technical level.

In training, for instance, have we really thought about the impact of the
WWW and the possibilities of distance learning (what happened to Mosaic's
Common Client Interface that opened wonderful perspectives on this). How
should we address the moves towards HyTime and database integration in
SGML documentation. How are we coping with the drift towards ISO9000.

It strikes me that there are some _major_ discussions just off stage if
only we'd pick up the threads ...

Have a nice day.

Simon North

I said this.

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