Re: Framemaker Weirdness

Subject: Re: Framemaker Weirdness
From: Tony Rocco <tony_rocco -at- NAVIS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 10:56:20 U

RE>>Framemaker Weirdness 2/8/96

Unlike Word, FrameMaker does not issue any warnings in advance of it suddenly
and dramatically crashing. Word will warn you several times that it is low on
memory and that maybe you should close some windows or other files or
applications. With FM, the damn thing just goes on blindly until, bingo, it
crashes. Yes, it is good that it bothers to save, but why does it save a new
file? Why not just save changes to the existing document? And the one time it
did this to me, the file it saved did not have the most recent changes and
all the graphics appeared grayed out. Not acceptable at all, I say, not at

Date: 2/8/96 06:20
To: Tony Rocco
From: Karen Gwynn/Datatel
>On Wednesday, February 07, 1996 9:40 AM, TECHWR-L wrote:

>>an application that suddenly notifies you that it is out of
>>memory is going to quite RIGHT NOW, anything you'd care to save?

>To which Kent Newton replied:

>Yes, this bugs me to no end. It happened all the time when I ran on
>Windows 3.1 (486 machine with 16MB RAM). It hasn't happened once after I
>switched to a Pentium with 16 MB RAM running Win 95. I couldn't
>understand, and still can't, how a program could crash and still take the
>time to save the document you are working on before it terminates.
>Puzzles me to no end.

To which *I* say:

Yes, it is indeed a puzzlement as to why/how FrameMaker does that, but thank
goodness it does! I have had more than one such crash that occurred when I
hadn't saved a lot of changes (of course, had I been saving my work, the
never would have occurred :) ), and if FrameMaker hadn't created a back up
before taking me to my friend the DOS prompt, I would have been up the
proverbial creek. There was one instance in particular where the crash
just as I was retyping a word. When I got back to the file (the recovery
and returned to the page I had been at there was the partial word that I had

So, yes, its odd, but its a life saver.

FYI, I haven't been fortunate enough to get a Pentium w/ Win 95 (or Win 95 on
my 486), but I have reduced the number of crashes by being a little smarter
with my running of multiple applications. For example, we use Lotus Notes as
our e-mail tool and I typically don't keep it running with FrameMaker (its a
real memory hog). I also limit the use of Hijaak for when I need it and close
it (and usually everything else) after I'm done. And I removed After Dark. An
ounce of prevention...

kwg -at- datatel -dot- com

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