Re: Framemaker Weirdness

Subject: Re: Framemaker Weirdness
From: Karen Gwynn/Datatel <Karen_Gwynn -at- DATATEL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 07:55:20 EDT

>On Wednesday, February 07, 1996 9:40 AM, TECHWR-L wrote:

>>an application that suddenly notifies you that it is out of
>>memory is going to quite RIGHT NOW, anything you'd care to save?

>To which Kent Newton replied:

>Yes, this bugs me to no end. It happened all the time when I ran on
>Windows 3.1 (486 machine with 16MB RAM). It hasn't happened once after I
>switched to a Pentium with 16 MB RAM running Win 95. I couldn't
>understand, and still can't, how a program could crash and still take the
>time to save the document you are working on before it terminates.
>Puzzles me to no end.

To which *I* say:

Yes, it is indeed a puzzlement as to why/how FrameMaker does that, but thank
goodness it does! I have had more than one such crash that occurred when I
hadn't saved a lot of changes (of course, had I been saving my work, the crash
never would have occurred :) ), and if FrameMaker hadn't created a back up
before taking me to my friend the DOS prompt, I would have been up the
proverbial creek. There was one instance in particular where the crash occurred
just as I was retyping a word. When I got back to the file (the recovery file)
and returned to the page I had been at there was the partial word that I had

So, yes, its odd, but its a life saver.

FYI, I haven't been fortunate enough to get a Pentium w/ Win 95 (or Win 95 on
my 486), but I have reduced the number of crashes by being a little smarter
with my running of multiple applications. For example, we use Lotus Notes as
our e-mail tool and I typically don't keep it running with FrameMaker (its a
real memory hog). I also limit the use of Hijaak for when I need it and close
it (and usually everything else) after I'm done. And I removed After Dark. An
ounce of prevention...

kwg -at- datatel -dot- com

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