Re: Framemaker Weirdness

Subject: Re: Framemaker Weirdness
From: David Ibbetson <ibbetson -at- IDIRECT -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 12:45:05 -0500

Karen Gwynn writes:
>On Wednesday, February 07, 1996 9:40 AM, TECHWR-L wrote:

>>an application that suddenly notifies you that it is out of
>>memory is going to quite RIGHT NOW, anything you'd care to save?

>To which Kent Newton replied:

>Yes, this bugs me to no end. It happened all the time when I ran on
>Windows 3.1 (486 machine with 16MB RAM). It hasn't happened once after I
>switched to a Pentium with 16 MB RAM running Win 95. I couldn't
>understand, and still can't, how a program could crash and still take the
>time to save the document you are working on before it terminates.
>Puzzles me to no end.

To which *I* say:

Yes, it is indeed a puzzlement as to why/how FrameMaker does that, but thank
goodness it does! I have had more than one such crash that occurred when I
hadn't saved a lot of changes (of course, had I been saving my work, the crash
never would have occurred :) ), and if FrameMaker hadn't created a back up
before taking me to my friend the DOS prompt, I would have been up the
proverbial creek. There was one instance in particular where the crash occurred
just as I was retyping a word. When I got back to the file (the recovery file)
and returned to the page I had been at there was the partial word that I had

So, yes, its odd, but its a life saver.
--------end of quotaqtions-----------------

Frame Maker is probably looking at some resource and gives its warning when
that resource is dangerously low. We did something similar in a compiler
some 30 years ago.

Since the message occurs under Windows 3.1, but not under Windows 95, this
may be their 64k stack called "resources". It's better handled under Win95,
but I would expect the same message to be displayed after very long
sessions. Under Windows NT these stacks aren't limited by 16-bit addresses
so the problem should completely disappear.

Does this analysis match the symptoms?

David (the former help desk) Ibbetson

David Ibbetson Phone (416) 363-6692
ibbetson -at- idirect -dot- com Fax (416) 363-4987
133 Wilton Street, #506
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5A 4A4

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