Text of Lawsuit on "Decency Act" in USA

Subject: Text of Lawsuit on "Decency Act" in USA
From: Grant Hogarth <GRANT -at- ONYXGFX -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 11:31:22 +8

If people are interested I can forward to them the text of the
Lawsuit filed yesterday against the so-called decency act that was
signed into law yesterday.

I'm not just dumping this on the list, as it's long (2k lines or so),
and a lot of people may not have the time to read it.

Material in the following paragraph is for mature audiences only.
Readers under 18 please delete this message now.

However! I do think that it *is* list-related, because even sex toys
need manuals (hell, judging from the bookshelf at the local Barnes &
Noble, *sex* needs a manual. <g>) This act prohibits us from
discussing here whether it is better to say "insert the penis into
the condom" or "place the condom on the penis" (And yes, I know that
neither of those is the best or most accurate way to describe the
correct relationship of those two objects. (Anybody else read option
2 and see a penis with a condom balance on top? <g>)

Anyways... my $0.02.


Grant Hogarth, Information Developer, Onyx Graphics Corp. Midvale, UT
www.onyxgfx.com ftp.onyxgfx.com
#include <std_disclaim>

Now where's that "any" key? Ah, here it is, right next to the self-destru

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