Re: Request for change & FrameMaker Petition

Subject: Re: Request for change & FrameMaker Petition
From: Mark Levinson <mark -at- SD -dot- CO -dot- IL>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 11:54:00 IST

One way to help keep volume on this list manageable is
to offload FrameMaker-specific issues to the framers list,
MS Word issues to the word-pc or word-mac list, etc.

Here are a few references.

Topic: Microsoft Word on PC (discussion)
Address: MXSERVER -at- ufobi2 -dot- uni-forst -dot- gwdg -dot- de
Message: subscribe word-pc Your Name
or to receive one consolidated message a day...
subscribe word-pc-digest Your Name

Topic: Microsoft Word on Mac (moderated discussion)
Address: listproc -at- scu -dot- edu -dot- au
Message: subscribe word-mac Your Name

Topic: Windows Help authoring (discussion)
Address: LISTSERV -at- ADMIN -dot- HUMBERC -dot- ON -dot- CA

Topic: FrameMaker (discussion)
Address: majordomo -at- math -dot- mcgill -dot- ca
Message: subscribe framers Your Address

Topic: SGML (some discussion of use; not a very busy list)
Address: LISTSERV%DHDURZ1 -dot- BITNET -at- CUNYVM -dot- CUNY -dot- EDU
Message: subscribe SGML-L Your Name

Topic: SGML (about the standard more than about how to use it)
Address: comp-std-sgml-request -at- naggum -dot- no
Message: subscribe comp-std-sgml Your Name

Topic: HTML authoring (discussion)
Address: listserv -at- netcentral -dot- net
Message: sub html-list Your Name

Topic: HTML authoring (discussion)
Address: LISTSERV -at- LISTSERV -dot- UNB -dot- CA
Message: subscribe wwwdev Your Name

Topic: HTML (Writers Guild Email Discussion List)
Address: majordomo -at- list -dot- stanford -dot- edu
Message: subscribe html-authors-guild Your Address
(Web: )

Topic: Indexing (discussion)
Address: listserv -at- bingvmb -dot- cc -dot- binghamton -dot- edu
Message: subscribe index-l Your Name

Topic: WordPerfect for Windows (discussion)
Address: LISTSERV -at- UBVM -dot- cc -dot- buffalo -dot- edu
Message: subscribe WPWIN-L Your Name

Topic: WordPerfect 5.1 (discussion)
Address: LISTSERV -at- ACADVM1 -dot- UOTTAWA -dot- CA
Message: subscribe WP51-L Your Name

Topic: Interleaf (discussion)
Address: ileaf-request -at- nmhg -dot- com
Message: subscribe Your Address Your Name and/or whatever else
(A human being reads the message.)

Topic: Quark Xpress (discussion)
Address: LISTSERV -at- IUBVM -dot- UCS -dot- INDIANA -dot- EDU
Message: subscribe QUARKXPR Your Name

Topic: Adobe Acrobat (discussion)
Address: acrobat-request -at- blueworld -dot- com
Message: subscribe
or to receive one consolidated message a day:
subscribe digest

Topic: Adobe Acrobat & PDF (discussion)
Address: Majordomo -at- binc -dot- net
Message: SUBSCRIBE PDF-L Your Address
or to receive one consolidated message a day:

Topic: Adobe Photoshop (discussion, largely tech support)
Address: listproc -at- bgu -dot- edu
Message: subscribe Photoshop Your Name

Topic: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier (discussion, largely technique)
Address: LISTSERV -at- WSUVM1 -dot- CSC -dot- WSU -dot- EDU
Message: subscribe ADOBEPS Your Name

Topic: Adobe Illustrator (discussion)
Address: listserv -at- netcom -dot- com
Message: subscribe ILLSTRTR-L Your Address

Topic: PageMaker (discussion)
Address: LISTSERV -at- INDYCMS -dot- IUPUI -dot- EDU

Topic: Desktop publishing, particularly PageMaker (discussion)
Address: digestif -at- antigone -dot- com
Message: subscribe dtp-l Your Name

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